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For orders by mail using check or money order please send payment and completed order form to:
                                           Wiser Worm Farm
                                           120 State Ave N. E. #156
                                           Olympia, WA 98501

Right click on the link above and then click "save target as" to
download printable order form in PDF for mail order.

For wholesale or large orders
(3 cases of Worm Tea tm or more)
please contact us.


All prices include shipping for the Continental U.S. For order outside the U.S. or for large quantities and wholesale please contact us.



One Quart (32 FL OZ) $17.00
Half Gallon (64 FL OZ) $30.00
1 Gallon (128 FL OZ) $35.00  
1 Case (12x 16 FL OZ bottles)  $65.00

1 Pound (16 OZ) Red Worms $27.00