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Do you have Black Spots on your Roses


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One Quart (32FL OZ)

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(12x  16FL OZ bottles)




 Concentrated organic
    Plant and Soil conditioner


Worm Tea tm is made from organic worm castings (worm poop) and provides many nutrients, minerals, beneficial microbes and bacteria essential for healthy soil. As the worms process their food it prepares the nutrients to readily absorb by the plants. It is made by running water through worms and worm castings and collecting the concentrated liquid that seeps out of the worm bins. Worm Tea tm also will help inoculate your potting soil against fungi. Worm Teatm  offers the benefits of worm castings in a liquid concentrated form and is great for both indoor and outdoor plants. Worm Tea tm is odorless natural nontoxic and is the great natural alternative to using chemical fertilizers there is.

Use on:
roses, vegetables, flowers, indoor house plants, berry bushes, fruit trees,  shrubs, lawn and most other plants.

 To use: make a solution of Worm Teatm by mixing 2 tbsp of Worm Teatm per gallon of water. Water the base of the plants and use in a pressure sprayer for the top of the plant once a week There is no sediment so it will not clog water lines.
No chemicals or toxins, no odor, does not expire.

Use Worm Tea tm every time you water your plants. It will never burn your plants.


Black spots on roses are caused by a fungus called Diplocarpon rosae.  This fungus will cause the leaves to turn yellow and eventfully fall. It affects the stems as well.  Worm Tea tm will help inoculate your soil and roses against fungi. If you spray the plant from top to bottom it will lend its natural ability to retard the growth of fungi on your roses, helping to produce roses without those ugly black spots. If your rose already has black spots, start spaying with Worm Tea tm and all the new growth on your rose will be more resistant to the fungi. It is important that you clip off the infected leaves and stems and remove  as the fungus can still spread; it can even hold over winter. The fungus can be spread by water such as rain and sprinklers, so it is best to water in the morning so that the plant has adequate time to dry in the sun.  A healthy robust plant is more resistant to diseases. Worm tea will not harm your rose so use it every time you water.